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As Georgia’s president, what do you think will be your biggest objective?

After five years, at the end of my presidency term, I contemplate the following picture:

This is a democratic country, where all political, economic, social, cultural and ecological rights are protected. The country is holding a stable course of economic development. The unemployment issue has been overcome. People work and thrive for peace and improved welfare. The country that is a reliable partner for the international community, where each field of the society’s full-fledged, decent life is thriving: culture, science, media and etc; where the civil society grows independently from the government, however, has the government constantly under its control. The perspectives of business community are protected and all conditions for the production development are provided. The government takes care of its citizens. The political environment is stable. Efficient actions are undertaken in terms of solving the territorial problems and conflicts. The European course is irrevocable and nobody doubts it, neither among us, nor abroad.

I will act with entire authority given me by the constitution, will use all the means provided by the presidential institution,  will make sure that  the whole power of the highest political figure, elected by people, serves the people in turn. This will be done together with my team-mates, the coalition, Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili and the citizens of our country in order to make this vision become reality. 

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