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What is your vision to accelerate economic growth? Which specific areas fall into your priorities and what kinds of policies would you propose to the parliament and the government of Georgia?

Comprehensive economic growth is the basic objective of the country’s strategy. Every citizen should be able to benefit from the positive results achieved, and the universal participation in this process of economic growth should be available for our population.

Our priorities are: formation of a stable environment, introduction of new technologies, attracting investments, expansion of markets, stimulation of Georgian production export, growth of manufacturing, energetic and transit potential, more intensive participation in international economic projects.

We have set out and have to improve the favourable conditions for business and entrepreneurship. In this regard, preferential loans and business-incubator programs are in development.

The rural sector assistance is going to continue until the village gets back on its feet.  The government is going to encourage the integration of urban lifestyle in villages through establishing such civil-cultural infrastructure that would make the rural life attractive and encourage young people to stay in villages.   By creating valuable living opportunities in rural areas, we are going to avoid the migration and demographic problems.

In the contemporary world, economics can not merely be based on exhaustible resources; moreover, natural resources can be consumed to the best by using the knowledge, rather than without it.

We must acknowledge that human intellect is the major motive power, but not the exhaustible resources. That’s why it is crucial to develop the human capital assets and reform the educational system.

Fully using the intellectual capacities of each of us, we will turn Georgia into an attractive and interesting country, with strong economics.

Georgia will become a country of social welfare, based on traditional and European values, which always thrives for development.

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