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What is your vision to accelerate economic growth? Which specific areas fall into your priorities and what kinds of policies would you propose to the parliament and the government of Georgia?

According to the new Constitution, the economic initiatives is no longer the competence of the President, however, I do have a certain vision.

In terms of Georgia, the regulation of economy from the side of the Government must be minimal.  Where necessary, a "reasonable adjustment" should be implemented.

The main driving force of the economy is the people's business activity and the main function of the Government is the removal of obstacles in this activity. First of all, people must be having a sense of political and legal stability and from this point of view, the inviolability of property is the main determining factor.

We think that the real way to tackle poverty and unemployment is in the manufacturing-oriented economic development today. For this, we need the basic resources of Government to be directed towards the development of production and reduction of foreign trade deficit.

In Georgia, there are too few long-term economic projects. This situation must be changed. With the emergence of the pension/social insurance funds, creation of industry development fund and as the result of the increase in the country's credit rating, the so-called "Long Money" must appear, which will ensure the funding of the long-term projects and economic growth.

We must control and put the inflation within the 3-4 percent frame. We think that the current deflation process is risky and consider that monetary policy can have some changes.

When determining the economic policy, as well as in the other cases, it is important to raise a question correctly. I. e. exactly what problem should be solved and then outline the ways of action. For example, many people are talking about the villagers' problems, but the business is not going ahead. This is because the task has been reduced to improving one or the other direction of the agricultural sector. The problem is much more widespread. Two million people live in the rural areas. The task is to lead them out of poverty. The agricultural sector can not solve this problem, because it does not have the required potential. It is necessary to develop other sectors of the economy and the reduction of the number of people engaged in agriculture. The economy must create new jobs in total, and we can not rely on the development of one of the fields.

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