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What policies do you think the government should implement to address unemployment?

Georgia is a poor, developing country. As with all such countries, Georgia, is characterized by economic hardship and unemployment. The problem is widespread and can not be resolved quickly. To overcome this problem long, deliberate and thoughtful social and economic policy is required.

The unemployment rate in Georgia has a conjunctural and structural character. Thus, with the economic development, professional education also has the big importance.

In total, the list of the objectives to overcome the unemployment and poverty reduction is the following: economy oriented on development, unemployment insurance, and tax exemptions for insurance costs and the promotion and dissemination of new knowledge and skills.

The creation of the social insurance system should be considered as one of the means of the poverty reduction. All the employees should have the opportunity to make some kind of savings, that will be used in the form of pensions – at the old age, or in the form of livelihood –  in the case of losing the job. The money put in hese savings should not be taxed for income tax.

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