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What kind of policy would you support to restore territorial integrity and build trust amongst people?

The non-violent regulation of conflicts is the irreversible course of Georgia that emanates from the continuation of non-recognition policy and the process of de-occupation.

Our priority is to encourage the direct dialogue with our Abkhazian and Ossetian brothers, restoring the trust and affinity between the populations, which is divided by occupational lines.  

To our countrymen, living in Abkhazian and Ossetian regions, we offer the mutual development of our successful country, living in European, independent, peaceful and democratic state, which will become the guarantor of each citizen’s welfare, preserving their ethnic, religious and cultural identity and immunity of their political rights.

For Georgia, the restoration of its territorial integrity, deoccupation of Abkhazia and Ttskhinvali regions plays the crucial part.  Successful negotiations at Geneva, EU supervisory mission and growth of the involvement of international organisations, as well as the enhancement of coordination with our strategic partners are of the most significant importance. 

 In this view, we all appreciate the role of Russia.  We are doing everything to restore the economic, trade, cultural relations and the atmosphere of trust with them. But at the same time, we are fundamental - there will be no compromise in regard o the things that would underestimate our independency and freedom, our honour.

This complex effort has to help the peaceful and secure return of refugees, having solid guarantees of protection and realization of their rights.

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