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What kind of policy would you support to restore territorial integrity and build trust amongst people?

The resolution of territorial conflicts of Georgia is a very difficult issue. We should not hope for an easy solution. We have to learn the lesson from the past mistakes and approach this problem carefully and judiciously.

Our conflict resolution process is the wide range international process.In a number of issues of this process, we have the strong positions and thus, we must use this “trump card”. The main emphasis should be put on the humanitarian side of the conflict,  i. e. the refugees and their rights. We have to achieve the recognition that these people have the unconditional right to return to their own land, and then come up with the political, legal and security mechanisms to ensure this process.

The politics of the current Government with regard to the Separatist regions is passive and limited to only some poor reaction to the events, which is a disaster for us. We need to conduct an active policy of non-recognition about them, build the environment of confidence by creating the mutual interest network; and on the basis of internationally recognized human rights, we should create the internal space of their political, economic, social and cultural integration vectors. In addition, the conflict regions should be declared as the demilitarized zones, the safety guarantees should be determined (including international mechanisms), and the refugees must return to their former dwellings unconditionally and receive the compensations.

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