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What do you think on protection of sexual minority rights and their better integration in socio-political life?

Georgia is a part of the Christian civilization and lives according to the respective rules. Such values as inviolability of life, right of property, institute of family, personal and national dignity are important for us.

I think that each person should feel him/her a worthy member of a society, and difference according to this or that feature must not be a basis of violation or restriction of right. More exactly, we will not restrict anybody by ethnic affiliation and will not announce nontraditional sexual orientation a criminal offence. This concerns the private affair of a person and is not a business of the state or policy. The state on the one hand must ensure strengthening of the state status of the Georgian language, and on the other hand -finance and promote learning of Georgian by the ethnic minorities. As well, the state must in every way strengthen the institute of traditional family and on the other hand - do not allow violation in respect of people with nontraditional sexual orientation.

At the same time it should be mentioned that we will not support the institute of same-sex marriage, because this contradicts the traditional concept of a marriage. Why we should change the contents of the concept of a marriage? We know that a marriage is a union between man and woman.  In the same-sex marriage this means the union of two any person.  In such case I would ask - why only two? It is understandable that this carries us to the point of absurdity.

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