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Please, describe your position (if any) on increasing women’s participation in political life.

In Georgia women’s participation in politics is rather below the European average. Before the last elections, women made only 6% of the parliament, which was the lowest index throughout the OSCE member countries. The situation has improved moderately, after the 2012 parliament elections, although the number of women representatives in the national legislation branch, as well as local self-government branches and executive branches stays nominal.

Women make the half of the population. That’s why the democratic justice demands, that their participation during decision-making is adequate. We can’t talk about real democracy, if the half of the population is represented by 5, 10, 15%.

In this regard, Georgia can learn a lot from international experience. First of all, the subject needs to be put on a civil and political schedule. For this, the political will of the ruling party and generally, the political elite is crucial.

Working with the society is of great importance. We have to overcome the stereotypical views about women’s part and based on social consensus, create a society, in which every single woman can have an opportunity to her self-realization. Women should be engaged in the decision-making, should be in the field of power. Women’s role in changing Georgia to a democratic, human-rights-based society is priceless. 

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