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With which county/or alliance of countries will you attempt to achieve a strategic, including military-strategic partnerships? What steps will you take in this regard?

In Georgia there are the supporters and opponents of the Western orientation, they have differing arguments. There is not a person who does not want democracy, civil society, freedom of speech, and free enterprise. The West just is this, respective values and institutes. All this in our country is still in the making and for its final formation we need support. Where we may find an ally supporting democracy, civil society, freedom of speech and free enterprise- in Russia? China? Iran? Obviously only the West is such ally.

Georgia needed and now needs a necessary knowledge for establishment of modern state institutions. We may receive this knowledge only with the aid of the West. Moreover, the West proposes to us technologies, university education, market, security etc.

The greatness and possibilities of the West must not frighten us. Georgia always managed to adapt to big civilizations and at the same time preserved and developed its own uniqueness. Thus, if we believe in our country, we must open ourselves for new knowledge and values. This will only strengthen us.

The issue of Russia is especially important. In relations with Russia we must take into consideration, that its upbringing is not our affair. If at one time Russia will want to become the national state of the Western type, we will only welcome it, but we may not await this. Russia is such as it is and we will construct relations with it on this understanding.

What Russia can propose to us? Nothing except for treating us no more badly than it treated us earlier. Russia has not new political ideas and projects. The so called “Eurasian Union” is only the rehash of the Soviet Union and nothing else. Russia suggests us to arrange relations with the West through it. Why? We do not live the nineteenth century and can mend fences directly with the West, without mediators.

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