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How do you see the fundamental principles/architecture of Georgian national security?

Democratic and peaceful development of Georgia is a base of our country’s national security. It reduces the possible threats from outside, stipulates the formation of the country as a reliable international partner.   

The long-term warranty of ensuring Georgia’s safety is being a full-righted member of the free world, which is achieved through integration in EU and NATO.

The armed forces of Georgia remain as the main warranty of Georgia’s safety. Therefore, we must ensure the constant growth of the professionalism and effectiveness of Georgian armed forces.

At the same time, we do understand that the peaceful world is the prerequisite of the advancement and economical growth of our country. By taking part in Afghanistan Peacekeeping Mission, Georgia makes an important contribution in ensuring the international safety.  We will continue executing the obligations, which serve the fight against terrorism and other global threats and consolidation of modern global safety.

In order to ensure the economical and energetic safety, a stable system of energetic safety has to be created in Georgia, which will be based on diversification of power-supply, creation of the supplies and preservation and improvement of the infrastructure.

We have to ensure economic safety by developing strategic branches, main infrastructure and by increasing the governmental responsibility over the objects of vital importance.

Creation of free economical environment, growth and diversification of foreign investments will help to deepen the partnership and will increase the number of countries, interested in the peaceful and safe development of Georgia.   

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