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How do you see the fundamental principles/architecture of Georgian national security?

The safeguarding of security is the most important for development of the country. Georgia has not big choice and there are mainly two directions. Georgia can enter this or that military alliance or protect its security by own forces. Based on our economic and technological possibilities we think that it is expedient to seek military allies.

NATO is the military -political bloc, which membership gives the highest guarantee of security in the modern world. So, it is not surprising that Georgia wants to become a member of NATO. If we will think about alternatives of NATO, we must take into account that the alternative would ensure the same level and quality of security.

We border upon with three big states, powerful from the military point of view - Turkey, Iran and Russia. Turkey is the member of NATO and alliance with it is the same as the membership of NATO. Allied military relations with Iran would mean confrontation with the West that is not in our strategic interests. Russia remained, with which we have a military conflict and which so far does not intend to consider us as the equitable partner. At the same time, allied military relations with Iran or Russia may not save us from such threats as for example international terrorism or illegal proliferation of nuclear weapon. Russia itself has problems in the Northern Caucasus and at the same time, as our own experience shows, its promises are not reliable.

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