Burjanadze Nino

Political Party:

Democratic Movement - United Georgia

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Place of birth / Date of Birth:

16 July 1964, Kutaisi


Nino Burjanadze is a chairwoman of a party “Democratic Movement - United Georgia”. In 1981 she graduated with honors Akaki Tsereteli Secondary School N2 in Kutaisi and enrolled at the Faculty of Law of Tbilisi State University in the same year. In 1986 she continued her studies at the Faculty of International Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University as a post-graduate student. In 1990 she defended a thesis on the problems of international organizations and international maritime law, and was awarded a scientific degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences.

Since 1991 she is an associate professor of International Law Department of the State University; in 1991-1992 she was an Expert–Consultant of the Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia, and in 1992-1995 – an expert-consultant of the Foreign Relations Committee at Georgian Parliament.

Work Experience

Nino Burjanadze became a member of the Parliament of Georgia in 1995. In 1995-1998, she served as the first deputy chairwoman of the Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Legality Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, and in 1998-1999 she was elected to a Chairwoman of the same Committee.

She was a member of parliament again since 1999. In 2000-2001 she served as a chairwoman of the Foreign Relations Committee. In November 2001 she was elected Chairman of the Parliament of the fifth convocation.

During this period he was actively engaged in the international arena activities: in 1998-2000 she served as a speaker of the Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues Committee of the UN Parliamentary Assembly, in 1999-2002 - Co-Chair of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, and in 2001-2008 – president of the Parliamentary Assembly of Black Sea Economic Cooperation. During the parliamentary elections of November 2, 2003 Nino Burjanadze was a leader of the electoral bloc "Burjanadze-Democrats", along with the Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania. After the Rose Revolution she served as Acting President from November 23, 2003 until January 25, 2004. In 2004, she again became the Parliament Chairwoman and held this position until June 2008.

 From November 2008 until January 2007 Nino Burjanadze served as Acting President again. Before the 2008 parliamentary elections she refused to participate in voting through the "National Movement” party-list, and in July of the same year she founded the "Democratic Development Foundation" and became its president.

In December 2008, by initiative of Nino Burjanadze a political party "Democratic Movement-United Georgia" was founded and she was elected to its chairwoman. He still holds this position. On 25 November 2010, the "The Public Representative Assembly” was established with active participation of Nino Burjanadze’s "Democratic Movement". On May 21-26, 2011, mass public demonstrations against the government took place by initiative of the "Public Assembly” and "Democratic Movement".

The "Public Assembly" and "Democratic Movement" advanced Nino Burjanadze to a presidential candidate for the elections of October 27, 2013. .

Nino Burjanadze published over twenty scientific works in Georgian, Russian and English languages. Among them is one monograph - “Legal issues of new type international organizations."

Family Status

She is married and has two children.

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