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What is your vision on education policy? What kind of policy do you support for improving the quality of primary, secondary, professional and higher education?

The education policy should primarily be directed towards the steady growth of social capitalization. All our education system must be complemented by state-of-art computer-aided systems. Furthermore, programs concerning the annual testing of education system employees should be developed and organized using existing programs in the European Union and the USA as their model. 

In secondary education programs should be developed that will help reveal talents as well as guide promising youths towards promising roles. Opportunities for talented children should be developed by implementing specific educational institutions for them. These schools should be staffed with highly qualified specialists, selected through rigorous testing.  International cooperation programs should be developed to exchange our students with those of leading schools in Europe and the USA. In order to improve the quality of vocational education, specific programs must be developed for state selected areas chosen based on economic requirements. This will enable us to utilize existing achievements. Career services and employment programs should be put in place for students after their graduation from institutes and universities.

The Ministry of Education should develop the state program which funds talented students in order to facilitate the continuation of their studies in leading foreign educational institutions. An increase in the number of nominal scholarships and grants would also encourage students.

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