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What is your vision to accelerate economic growth? Which specific areas fall into your priorities and what kinds of policies would you propose to the parliament and the government of Georgia?

Economic trends that should be the priority for the country have to be defined in the country, which has never been done since the establishment of Georgia’s independence. Priority economic trends should be determined from this perspective and be reflected at the legislative level. In order to stimulate the small and medium-sized businesses, we consider it necessary to increase the value-added tax threshold from 100 thousand to 150 thousand GEL; again, in order to encourage the businesses, in the case an enterprise reinvests more than 80% of its profit, both the reinvesting and receiving enterprises should be exempted from income taxes in the coming year; due to the short tourist season in Georgia, for those legal persons engaged in the tourism business in tourism regions, the property tax differentiation should be established by the law according to the seasonality; it is necessary to create an anti-monopoly service subordinated to the President, which would be one of the guarantors of creating and protecting the competitive environment in the country.

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