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What kind of policies and concrete decisions would you support in order to increase access to and quality of health care?

We want our people to be healthy. This requires: a sound and socially just health care system, oriented on the population’s medical needs; we need to focus on prevention of diseases, but, in case of declining health, each person should know that he or she is not alone with this problem and the entire state is helping him or her. No person shall die because of a poor health system, indifference, lack of funds.

Public health guaranties must become truly universal and equitable to all citizens.

The primary health care needs to be enhanced. The declarative approach to this key sector needs, after all, to be replaced after so many years. An actual emphasis should be made on the examination and treatment of diseases at their early stage, which is better both for the patients and the country’s economy. Particular attention should be paid to the former district doctors (today known as family doctors) – the specialists, who provide the first general medical assistance to the population – in order to make their working conditions and motivation actually conforming to the great task that is entrusted to them  by the health care system, and to what they are expected to achieve. We should in truth appreciate the hard work of these professionals.

Along with improving diagnostic-treatment capabilities of the outpatient sector, state schemes of providing the population with medications should be established and improved to finally avoid the morbidity, caused by the lack of medications, and severe consequences of self-medication.

Especially important in the health care system is a professional, his or her high qualification. This requires special attention and efforts from the state – an opportunity of receiving the basic education, complying with the modern requirements, and later – continuous medical education, modern work environment and remuneration, which will allow a doctor to share the pain of others and, simply, have a dignified life.

Effective and coordinated action of different sectors of the health care system.

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