Burjanadze Nino » Ethnic minority rights

Which policies would you carry out/support to ascertain a fuller participation and integration of ethnic minorities in Georgia’s socio-political life?

Georgia is a multiethnic country. All nations living in Georgia have created the history of our country, equally sharing its joys and sorrows.

Particular attention should be paid to significant qualitative improvement of the state language (Georgian language) teaching in the areas of compact settlement of ethnic minorities, so that the non-Georgian population is given the equal starting opportunities of receiving the high level education and full involvement in the political and economic life of Georgia. At the same time, the minority settlements should be provided the opportunity of receiving basic education in their native languages.

We should work more actively to reveal educated, competent, high-level specialists of various fields among the national minorities, in order to give them an opportunity to actively participate in the management and development of our country. 

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