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How would you organize the defense system?

The organizational structure of the Defense of Georgia should be based on the national security concept and adequately respond to national security threats and challenges. The system should provide defense of Georgia’s independence, territorial integrity and national interests.

The National Defense Strategy and a 5-year plan for the development of the Armed Forces should be elaborated, based on the national security concept. Functions of the civil part of the Ministry of Defense and those of the Joint Staff should be clearly delineated, politicization eliminated and the civil control of the armed forces shall be carried out effectively. At the same time, all conditions should be created in order to increase the combat efficiency of the armed forces.

Georgia should gradually switch to a professional army model, at the same time creating an effective reserve system. Plans of interaction and coordination between the government agencies - especially the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Border Agency - for war and other crisis situations have to be developed. It is noteworthy that, according to the law, in case of war, the border agency becomes directly subordinated to the Joint Staff. Considering Georgia’s specific geo-strategic location, there is a need for:

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