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In your opinion, should abortion be banned or not? Why?

To say nothing about the demographic situation and a negative role of abortion as one of the negative factors, killing a living fetus itself is a grave act, but a ban is not the solution. Everything must be done to avoid it (abortion). Such socio-economic environment needs to be created in the country, which would provide a prerequisite of strong, large families to the people who live here; not only general conditions should be created, but also special financial incentives for reproduction, rearing and infant care, health care for women.

Importance of the education in this regard is notable. Systematical informing and awareness of the public should make clear that the country is facing a depopulation threat. The nation should wake up, unite and feel the responsibility.

Abortions at the first visit to a doctor may be prohibited, postponed for a reasonable period of time, in which an explanation will be given, the issue will be discussed and other possible measures will be taken to avoid the abortion. Certain measures have to be taken to reduce the number of abortions because of sex. Cases, when abortions are motivated by medical conditions shall be taken into consideration.

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