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How do you see the fundamental principles/architecture of Georgia’s national security?

Of vital importance for Georgia’s development is ensuring its security, which includes political, economic, military and other components. It is necessary to adequately and comprehensively review and update the national security concept.

Georgia should become a subject of the system of international relations, but not just remain as an object. ​​Preventive diplomacy should become the basic principle of our security policy.

It is necessary for the security to avoid any adventurism in international relations, tensions and provoking conflicts between the centers of influence. NATO-relations should not be directed against the legitimate interests of third countries, but serve to the strengthening of security in the region.

The maximum convergence with the European Union within the neighborhood policy frameworks, achieving the conclusion of association and free trade agreements and the prospect of full membership are of priority.

It is necessary to ensure the proper conceptual basis for providing the country's security policy, which should include the priority of the country's strategic interests under consideration of the international law principles and legitimate interests of our partners and neighboring countries, appropriate transparency and predictability of the security policy, consistent policy implementation, and provision of adequate human resources.

Law enforcement systems in democratic societies are designed to ensure the state and public security.

The MIA, in its current form of a monopolist, has to be reorganized; security services and police structures should be separated from each other; the proper distribution of functions between the subdivisions is required - considering specific functions and duties of the Border Police, its autonomy should be provided.

Intelligence services (intelligence and counter-intelligence) should be freed from the functions of policing and prosecution. They need to identify threats to the national security, predict them and take part in their neutralization.

It is necessary to carry out an organizational structural reform again, establish a clear and transparent system of recruitment, learning, training, education and service, introduce professional standards. It is necessary to introduce a ranking system. The personnel system should be based not on political affiliation and personal loyalty, but on the principles of professionalism and obedience to the. 

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